Schedule secure street parking space sharing, parking lot & garage referrals through your social networks, colleagues & neighbors.

What is GreenCar Buddy?

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GreenCar Buddy

Enables peer-to-peer parking space sharing, through your online social networks, work email contacts and other networks or acquaintances.

(Your peers don't have to be friends of yours, but they should be people with whom you have some connection.)

Peer-to-peer? Offer a parking space you know you'll be leaving soon, or ask for a parking space you know you'll need in the near future--even a couple of weeks ahead.

Do I Have to Import My Social Networks to Find Parking Spaces?

No, you can add people individually to your GreenCar Buddies list without accessing the rest of your social connections or lists of colleagues.

GreenCar Buddy Options

Private garage and driveway parking opportunities:

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All offered by people who are within your networks.

GreenCar Buddy Can

Show nearby parking lots & nearby public parking garages when you supply your desired parking location.

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GreenCar Buddy Helps

  • Solve your parking problems by working through your networks.
  • Save gas while minimizing air pollution produced by time-consuming parking searches.
  • Secure your parking experience through people you already know, and the people they know.

How it Works

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